Pilot and Tug Crew Training Services

Simulator training where tug crews are learning to work the stem of a ship

Training certificate and “Tractor Qualified” hat

Towing Solutions offers several in house courses designed to improve the knowledge base and hands on skills of pilots and tug officers. These services also include the custom designing and production of specific courses (with or without simulation) to meet a customer’s specific requirements. If desired, Towing Solutions will gain USCG approval for the course. We can either design the course to be turned over to the customer for their instructors to teach (a full facilitator’s guide would be included), or we can facilitate the course for our customers. Our in-house courses cover the following subjects:

  • Tractor and escort operations for Pilots.

  • Basic and advanced tractor operations for tug crews (both Voith Schneider and Z-drive).

  • Emergency preparedness training for coastal, harbor, escorting, river, and LNG operations.

  • Crew Recourse Management (BRM) for Tug Crews.

  • Boathandling skills and general safety for tug crews.

  • Competency assessments of tug and towboat deck officers.

  • Leadership Skills for the Mariner

To date, we have designed or assisted in the design of ten different marine simulator courses (and several classroom only courses) covering a variety of subjects from tug mate basics, basic boathandling skills, Bridge Resource Management for tug crews, emergency preparedness, basic and advanced tractor operations, to Competence Assessment Course for Tug Operators.

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Towing Solutions offers courses designed to improve the knowledge base or hands on skills of pilots and tug officers.

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