Consulting on LNG Terminal Marine Services

Assisting the LNG Terminal engineering staff in creating a marine system

Towing solutions offers the LNG Terminal operator the marine expertise to help their Terminal’s engineering staff create a marine system that will meet the owner’s safety and operational performance desires.

By carefully evaluating the various aspects of the marine side of an LNG Terminal while it is in the design stage, we can offer solutions on how best to address the escorting and ship maneuvering issues. Further, if requested we will recommend the specific type of equipment to procure to meet the mission statement based on our extensive knowledge base on this subject.

By being an active partner during the planning stages of the terminals development, Towing Solutions can assist the Terminal design team to ensure that the marine system works well on startup. This service could also involve the competency evaluation of the local marine pilots and the recommendation of any training that they might require prior to the first cargo. It would include a professional review of the tug bid submissions to ensure that the Terminal Operator understands the subtle differences in the technical data of the various tug designs submitted. Once the terminal is ready to open Towing Solutions can conduct on-site training of the tug crews and pilots to ensure the escort system will work as expected.

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Towing Solutions can assist the Terminal design team to ensure that the marine systems work well on startup.

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