Escort System Design

Towing Solutions offers as one of our principal, services the evaluation and designing of new escorts system should a company want to begin this service. This service would initially include working with the Terminal or Ship Operator to develop a carefully worded escort system mission statement. Once the mission statement is developed, towing solutions would develop various escorting solutions that could meet this mission, highlighting the number of tugs and their performance that would be required for each. Once an escort option has been selected by the Terminal or Ship Operator, the proposed system’s performance would then be verified using computer simulation prior to the bidding out of the marine assets.

Towing Solutions can then assist in the development of the tractor RFP to ensure the tractors will have the performance required to meet the mission requirements on delivery.

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The two slides above are plots made in a Marine simulator illustrating the advantages of escort planning. In Slide 1 we have a 100,000 ton ship being escorted by two 4,200 Hp. conventional tugs. When the ship suffered a hard right rudder failure in at five knots the two tugs cannot save the ship from a very nasty casualty. In Slide 2 you can see how the same ship can be saved by employing a 5,100 Hp "reverse" tractor tug when the ship pilot uses the proper emergency procedures.

To date, Towing Solutions has designed the escort systems for ExxonMobil’s US marine affiliate, SeaRiver Maritime, for the ports of Long Beach, San Francisco, and Puget Sound, Vancouver Second Narrows, Energîa Costa Azul, MX, Cameron LNG, Lake Charles, LA, Gulf LNG Engergy Terminal, Pascagoula, MS, and Damietta LNG, Damietta, Egypt and assisted in the revising of the LNG escort systems in Savannah, Lake Charles, and Damietta, Egypt.

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