Customer Endorsements

“An eye opener!”
San Francisco Pilot

“I have attended seven other types of marine training courses and this is the most enlightening and job specific course. For a Texas pilot, this is more important than Port Revel.”
Corpus Christi Pilot

“Excellent! I feel that the quality of instruction could not be improved upon!”
Houston Pilot

“Nearly 100% of the Houston Pilots have taken the tractor tug training from “Towing Solutions” and the course has helped each of us have a better understanding of the best way to use this type of tug boat. We are better pilots because of it!!”
Captain Mike Morris
PO Houston Pilots

“Great course - Great instructor!”
Miami Pilot

“All pilots should attend this course.”
Houston Pilot

“Greg has an in-depth knowledge of the subject and provides the reasons behind the development of the various techniques we are using. Much appreciated.”
British Columbia Pilot

“I personally appreciated the “philosophical” discussions regarding our profession – a very useful dialogue.”
Saint John Pilot

“I found this course to be more relevant to the work I do on a daily basis than Port Revel. The whole concept of controlling a vessel from the stern will be very helpful to me for years to come.”
Houston Pilot

“I came to class reluctantly, but came away from it with a good impression and knowledge of the subject.”
Sandy Hook Pilot

“This class was as good as any I have been to.”
Halifax Pilot

“Best course in a long time.”
Crowley Tug Mate

“I personally got as much from Greg’s leadership and safety knowledge as from his technical information.”
Chris Hall
Atlantic Towing Inc.

“Towing Solutions did a study in the Port of Houston which helped bring the latest generation of tractor tugs to the Port and helped lead to the development of our tug matrix.”
Captain Mike Morris
PO Houston Pilots

“Your report to us was very thorough and extremely helpful. As a result, the two towing companies are both building Robert Allan designed Z Tech tractor tugs with 6,300 hp and are proceeding to start construction of two additional ones in 2006. In summary, your study and subsequent report has been useful to us and we appreciate your fine work in that regard.”
Wm. Lamar Doyle President
Suderman & Young Towing Company

“The four day course was excellent - - - (it) reflects his often stated “Passion” for tugboats and also his years of operational experience. Those of us in Miami who have taken the course highly recommend it to all pilots who have had no experience with tractor tug technology.”
Captain Michael M. Wiegert
Chairman, Biscayne Bay Pilots

“I had my doubts, but wanted to reserve judgment until after the course. I am very happy with the results and look forward to using what I learned in my future transits at Second Narrows.”
British Columbia Pilot

“Valuable course which will have practical application in my career.”
SMIT Tug Captain

“Captain Brooks was impressive in his smooth and knowledgeable delivery.”
Crowley Tug Captain

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