Making Towing Safety a Reality

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The mission of Towing Solutions Inc. is to dedicate ourselves to the improvement of the overall safety and operational effectiveness of escort systems and general towing operations.  We will accomplish this mission by openly sharing the expertise we have gained over a lifetime in this industry to ensure that as many mariners as possible learn as much as they can as soon as they can.  Where appropriate, we will share with our customers new and exciting maneuvers that we have developed to address specific operational requirements.  Another of our goals is to work to improve the knowledge base among tug operators on the science (the physics) behind towing operations.

Towing Solutions offers consulting on LNG Terminal Marine Services, Escort System Design, Pilot and Tug Crew Training, Marine Auditing, Marine Operations Manuals,

Our company is a small consulting firm that is focused on a few very specific areas of the towing industry. This focus is based on the extensive knowledge base of our principal, Captain Gregory Brooks, who has been actively involved in the towing industry for forty-three years. Captain Brooks is considered to be one of the leading experts on escorting and escort tug technology in the world today. In addition to his escorting work, his many projects in the marine simulation training arena have been on the cutting edge for of this industry for the last fifteen years.

Please find our list of customers that Towing Solutions, Inc. has provided our services to and what our customers have to say. Also see our Towing Technology section for interesting articles.

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